Package Deal A

Sauna +Magnesium Spa Bath + Body Scrub + Oil Massage + Vichy Shower
$60 for 60 mins

Vichy shower is a metal arm with five to seven shower heads that runs
parallel to a cushioned treatment table, so you can get a shower while lying down. It is usually part of a body treatment, like a salt scrub or body wrap. Instead of jumping up and getting in a shower to rinse off the salt or mud, you simply lie there.

Package Deal B

Sauna + Magnesium Spa Bath + Body Scrub + Vichy Shower + Massage & Organic Facial - $120 for 90 min

Experience a specialised tailor made facial to suit your skin type and needs:

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, face & head massage, mask & finish products

Package Deal F

Sauna +Magnesium Spa Bath + Body Scrub + Vichy Shower + Massage - $100 for 90 min

The benefits of a sauna extend beyond detoxification; it's also good for your heart. Sitting in a sauna has effects akin to mild exercise. The heart gets a gentle workout while the heat of the sauna dilates the capillaries and improves blood flow.

Haven Spa & Bathouse

We have one of the most comprehensive and unique treatment menus at Tweed Heads South. Our range of signature massages, vichy shower, facials and body treatments will have you rejuvenated, refreshed  and relaxed.