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Here's what clients are saying...

Gina P from Gold Coast wrote...

What a pleasant surprise as I stepped into the Day Spa. The Spa/Sauna bathhouse area is beautiful, romantic and relaxing. Dimmed lights and candles make for an amazing experience.

I went with my husband and we both loved the nude bathing… Spa, Sauna, Showers… no clothing needed, never walked around in the nude before but we loved the experience. Had enjoyable conversation with 2 other couples sharing the Spa.

I highly recommend this for couples looking for some time out to relax but more importantly enjoy a romantic atmosphere. Nude bathing is optional… we’ve never been nude before. The bathers came off after a while in the spa and it was a beautiful, freeing experience.

Crystal P from Gold Coast wrote...

This place is beautiful! The Bath house area with the Spa and Sauna are truly beautiful. The dim lights, the ambience is breath taking… truly a relaxing experience. And the fact that you can enjoy it in the nude… WOW… We loved the freedom!

Can’t comment on the treatments as we only used the facilities… A truly romantic ambience. I love how we could just come as ourselves and didm;t need to bring anything as it’s all provided. Towels, water… you don’t even need your swimmers :)

I highly recommend this place to any couple wanting a little time of romance or ladies wanting a nice safe environment for time out.

Jess K from Brisbane wrote...

I came in with my husband for some time out. When I made the booking I was told we didn’t need swimmers for the Spa & Sauna… Yes! We experienced this on a trip to Europe where bathing topless or nude in the spa and sauna are perfectly acceptable.

Personally we enjoyed it… there are plenty of Day Spa’s around which require swimmers so we appreciated the carefree and relaxing environment.

I had a male massuer while my husband had a female massuese. Another great feature of this spa that they have both and female therapists.

The value we received for what we paid was very pleasing. The spa & sauna created a romantic environment which is nice at a day spa and the freedom of bathing nude was a beautiful thing. Even though there was another couple of people present we felt very comfortable.

I wish we lived close by… we would be here every week.

The only thing I’d suggest to make this place perfect… dim the lights and add light the spa/sauna area with candles for a truly amazing day spa environment… Oh… and please keep it European style clothes free, it really made this beautiful place unique.